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World Maps

Dragons and Dragonnets

Dragons are the original life form on this vast peck of dirt. The land is theirs, officially. They know of no other intelligent life aside from Angels, whom they met very late on their own civilization lifetime and perceive as superior beings inhabiting the sky. Dragons explored very little of their surroundings. Well, they’ve expanded quite a bit but they have no idea how much bigger the continents are. The limits of their territories are highlighted in green below.


The Diabolics are, too, an indigenous species of this world. They spawned many millions of years before the Dragons did and emerged from three different locations respectively. Astorian and Proteusian lands are very visible from space. Heytorians, albeit not displayed on the map, were born on what is now a frozen region directly South of the Proteusian land. This region, once a very fertile ground is now a barren earth where little life can survive. Heytorians themselves have become nomadic and are dispersed in every corner of the world. They have explored almost every inch of the world and collected immense amounts of knowledge regarding its people, its fauna and flora.


Angels don’t occupy any specific portion of land on earth. They reside in towers and open structures, as they never need to sleep nor eat. They watch and move instantaneously all around, mostly to keep the Diabolics as contained as possible. Angels existed well before any recorded history and no one knows where they came from.

World Map from the Angels’ point of view

Map of the Dragon Territories