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They are shapeshifters, able to turn themselves into a serpent-like furry creature gifted with the ability to fly in the air.
Most Dragonnets resent shapeshifting as it makes them look rather small and vulnerable. They avoid it if possible except in the temples, where it is acceptable to hang out with others in serpent form. It’s the only place where they cuddle.
Not all Dragonnets are able to shift. Some of them are born without that power and are perceived as a lower class of individuals called the Deprived.


Dragonnets were once formidable creatures that could reach 30 feet in length, with claws like fingers and heads the size of a bed.
Their shifted form slowly diminished in size over time with a modern average of 6 feet of length. The head is often the size of a cat and sometimes more elongated. The back legs are completely atrophied and useless. They kept the ability to magically lift themselves in the air and to move at lightning speed, which is a tactical advantage, mainly for fleeing or swinging swords very fast.

The Denjeonics:

Southern Denjeonic Dragons were once slaves to the Coastal Dragons. They lost the ability to shapeshift entirely as a result of oppression and are still unable to shapeshift today. They ended up fleeing their masters to the West into then virgin wild lands. They first settled as the North Denjeonic Kingdom but over several generations, it soon became too divided and violent. Some of them moved again, South this time and met with the Astorian Diabolics. They became the Southern Denjeonic Republic.

The South Denjeonics are the only Dragon civilisation that is free of Angel propaganda and it is due to their geographic proximity with the Astorian land. Diabolics, over time, brought them writing and accounting, allowing their civilisation to develop at a much faster pace than their bellicose neighbors. Despite their lack of magic, they also well surpassed their shapeshifting ancestors in terms of education, knowledge and civil advancements. They are great merchants and adventurous travelers.

Present Times:

Dragonnets have lost control of their own nations. Most of their leaders now have an Angel counselor whom they obey due to instilled fear and short-sight. They have lost their elders and their savants. They could never develop writing and are extremely divided. They fear and sometimes revere Angels as their superiors and protectors, especially in the Drazer, Myader and Coastal regions.


From the printed book only:

She is a high-born lady with grand aspirations and a will of iron. Mother of Ravan the Tempest, she did not recognize her son when he was born, as there were signs that he carried a genetic disease of hers which causes the shifted form to be deformed. She has done everything to keep her condition a secret and abandoning her son was one of those things.

The disease is also deadly and can cause her death at any moment, a disqualification from ruling and from building a dynasty. Because the condition is so rare, no one really knows about it.

She currently rules in the North Denjeonic territories where most Dragonnets are born without the ability to shift. There she is never required to exhibit her diseased shifting.
Her grandson Aaron rules the North Denjeonic kingdoms.

Eithne aka The Graïnne

She is known as an infamous witch terrifying the Dragonnets in the vicinity of Tumpestre. She claims to know quite a bit about Angels and how to hunt them.
Born a while ago from a Dragonnet mother and one of the most ancient Proteusian Diabolics, she is a terrifying hybrid equipped with the mightiest of both worlds: she can shapeshift like her mother and regenerates quickly like the Proteusians.
Her appearance is a mixture of the Dragonic felines and the ancient Proteusian creatures.

She is able to wield magical Dragonnet swords and perform a certain amount of magic. However, because of her Dragon blood, she is unable to wield a Matterforged sword.

She has been seen around Crestenoire in the past.

Defining Quote:

“No Angel walks away from me unscathed...”


He appears as a representative of the Southern Denjeonic Dragons at Evadrion’s side during Metatron’s handover of power.
This Dragonnet is one of the rare guys to hang out with the Deprived people of this region without judging them as a lesser category of person. He was born in Legall, the Southern Denjeonic capital city and is the speaker for one of the mysterious leaders of the Mercantile Brotherhood.


An innocent Dragonnet woman who found attraction for one of the most ancient Diabolics on earth : Proteus. She birthed Eithne.
Kore lost both her companion and her daughter to Angels as they both eventually had to flee and live hidden like outcasts. She remained in her native village.


Her relationship started at a time before Diabolics were actively demonized by Angels. At that time, Heytorians often passed through their village of fishermen to bring medicine and ointments. They had strong healing powers and remedies that were often requested by the villagers in exchange for various goods, services or shelter.
Proteus happened to pass by with a few of them and he stayed for a while, anonymous, until it was time to flee.


Laïg is a Tumpestran Dragonnet working under Mazer's orders. He is a healthy young, enthusiastic man and just like most of them, he is terrified of the Graïnne, awed by Angels and has never heard of the Diabolics. He hasn't even seen the one who sits at his lord's court.

Defining Quote:

“I'm Laïg. Please don't kill me.”


A Deprived Dragon who works for Ravan in the fortress of Tumpestre. He does the dirty work, mostly.
Mazer was not born in Tumpestre. He followed Ravan in all his war campaigns and trusts him in his intuition and wit. He probably appreciates him as well for the respect he shows to the Deprived, such as himself.

Mordigor, lord of Crestenoire

Mordigor is a Dragon Lord ruling to the South-East of Tumpestre, a region neighboring the citadel of Enneth.

He holds the darkest of reputation amongst the rest of the Dragons, notably for nurturing good terms with the population of Enneth, infamously formed of Heytorians and renegade Angels (or worse). He is also the only Dragon who has learned to read and write. He was very likely taught by Heytorians and is therefore quite dangerously learned.

Like Ravan, he refuses to bend the knee to Angels.

Ravan, lord of Tumpestre

Also known as The Tempest, Ravan is famous for rising from the streets into lordship by waging wars and conquering the impregnable fortress of Tumpestre from the hands of its previous holders. He is bright, ruthless and highly suspicious of Angels.
There are rumors as to him being Deprived (a Dragon who cannot shift into serpent form). These rumors are further encouraged by Ravan’s unusual respect for the Dragons of lower classes, notably the Deprived.

From the printed book only:

The true reason he has for hiding his shifting is because of a genetic disease that heavily deformed his shifted appearance. He claims that this aberrant form is also an asset which he keeps as a surprise, like a strategic advantage. He refused to show it to Eithne when she asked.

Despite Eithne’s most infamous reputation, Ravan finds her to be very attractive and interesting to hang around.

Defining Quote:

“Erh... These psychopaths...”


Tristan is a very strong Dragon soldier who, like most of his kind, is missing a piece of nose and a tooth or two. Fortunately for him he also lacks wit. Bless him.