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There is mystery surrounding Angels. Who are they?  Why do they do what they do? What is their primary intention? … (You will need to keep reading the comic to learn these answers. No spoiler here.)

Angel facts:
Here are some facts that every Diabolic knows.

Angels are immortal but not invincible.
They will never get sick nor die from disease but they can be mortally wounded and killed. They regenerate at a rate similar to humans, which is a lot slower than Diabolics.
They have incredible far-sight and can read a person’s expression from roughly a mile away.

Memory Loss:
Angels never sleep naturally. When they lose consciousness, it is either by being put to sleep artificially (poison) or knocked unconscious from trauma or pain and there is no guaranty that they can ever wake up from it. They can be asleep for a day or for a decade. When they awake, their memories are gone. For Angels, this is nightmare scenario.
To remedy the issue (supposedly), Angels have developed various ways of storing and archiving data, recording every bit of information since the beginning of times.

Angels do not resurrect like the Diabolics can. When they die, their body slowly turns to an unknown hard, indestructible material. The phenomenon occurs even to amputated parts such as the wings, which never rot nor decay.

Angels crave sunlight. It is the source of their never-extinguishing energy and powers. As long as they absorb light through their skin or wings, they have no need to eat nor drink, ever. A sleeping Angel remains alive for millennia as long as they are placed in direct sunlight. On the other hand, absence of light can prevent wounds from ever healing at all. Keeping Angels in complete darkness can lead them to starve, become weak and even lose consciousness or die.

The Angels wings, astonishingly large, are connected to the body by flesh and also hold blood. The extra amount of blood makes hemorrhage an unlikely cause of Angel death, although still a possibility. Cutting the wings off cancels this physical advantage.

Like the Diabolics, Angels have their own set of peculiar powers. All these powers are generated by their wings. Cutting them off puts an immediate end to all the following abilities…

Angels naturally defy gravity. It is not the result of a motion against the air as birds’ wings do but a constant state of floating as long as they will it. They can fly with their broad wings completely still and silent.

Angels can hop from a place to another in an instant as long as the wings are visible. Teleportation is noisy and produces a sound similar to a canon shot. Diabolics have learned to recognize the sound from afar.

Angel wings can turn invisible and immaterial on command, which is a powerful advantage. Invisibility, like teleportation and flight, can be transferred to Angel-made constructions, which is even more awesome. Most of their fortresses can float, teleport and be completely hidden from sight and touch.

Lighting Weaponry:
Every Angel can manifest personal weaponry made of light, which they are alone able to pick up and arm. These weapons only affect Diabolic flesh, which it burns and decomposes at contact. Any other living tissue remains unchanged.

Seraphon Powers – Angels’ Power:
This is the really important gig of Angels and this is one is not possessed by default by any of them. It may or may not have been around from the start but it was later engineered or harnessed as a response to the Diabolics rapid growth.
This power comes from an external pool that is finite and gets distributed to individual Angels voluntarily. One Angel is chosen at any given time to be the Source, the one with access to this pool and the power to distribute it or take it back (currently, Constance).
The powers given by the Source are called Seraphon powers and give the Angel the ability to destroy tissues and materials that are not just Diabolics but everything else, including other Angels.

The Seraphon attacks are very very wide in range and originally meant to destroy entire Diabolic armies or lands in a single strike.

It must be noted that this pool also fuels the natural individual powers of Angels, which means that, the more Angels there are at any given time: the less available powers there is to share between them.

Transferring Seraphon power to an Angel has the effect of elongating their wings dramatically to withstand the collection of power necessary for attacks. This change in size is temporary, as the power can be taken back. The wings then resume their individual size.
Because of their incredible wingspan, Seraphons are very recognizable in the sky and dreaded. They quickly become the target of Heytorians or artillery, as they have the ability to obliterate the enemy in very large numbers in a matter of seconds. Heytorians have learned to shoot them very hard and very fast as soon as the wings are visible.

The Matterforged Swords

These mysterious swords seem to wield Seraphon powers without the need for a transfer from the Source. Although their fabrication is attributed to Angels, no one really knows how they were made nor why they hold so much power. 

The Matterforged swords (“Hylozoformes” in the French translation) are limited in numbers. So far, we’ve seen five: three at Metatron’s belt, one in the hands of the Astorians and one at Constance’s belt. Each of the sword is unique in shape and size and – you might be surprised- is named after a known and/or passed Angel.

Angels Structures

The majority of their structures are either one of two types: war towers and fortresses or archives.
The fortresses serve as a high spying point of view from which Angels can see without being seen (these fortresses can reach several kilometers in height). The envergure of these structures also helps to collect energy, just like the Angels wings, and deploy destructive force similar to a Seraphon strike.
The tower that is forced to appear by disabling its shields in Chapter 3 is one of such fortresses.

The other kind of buildings are solid, massive “tablets” with no other purpose but to store data about the past. In here as well, the size (in height) helps to store even more as well as to create a high-top observation spot. Neither structures have doors nor stairs nor windows and usually never even contain a room. They are all solid, with a few niches to take cover.
Tumpestre is one of those archives.

These structures may or may not contain a Portway (“Via” in the French translation) which will be the subject of another article.


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