The Diabolics

Even if their appearances and characteristics differ slightly for each family, all Diabolics share certain traits or “powers” that are unique to them.

Many Diabolics have mastered the ability to absorb matter and recycling it out as something new and alive. All their creations breath and shift in forms and function.


Diabolics recover so quickly from wounds that they seem to never receive any. Angels’ Luminescent weaponry counteracts this regenerative power, creating noticeable damage. Astorians wear regenerative armors to diminish the damage. Heytorians tattoo their skins with permanent shield spells or mirroring blades to deflect attacks.


When killed during physical contact with the ground, any Diabolic is able to be absorbed into the dirt and emerge again from their place of birth on earth, intact.

To avoid death, Diabolics do and build everything directly on ground level, without flooring. They avoid going into buildings or stepping on anything that isn’t dirt and ride their own mounts, which are an equal connection to the ground as if they walked themselves.


Many proto-Diabolics have more than a single means of reproducing themselves. Aside from sex, they can create new powerful children by donating pieces of their own bodies and fabricate clones.

The Three Diabolic Families

There are three kinds of Diabolics: Heytorians, Astorians and Proteusians.
Each family descents from one particular ancestor which were either Astor, Heytor or Proteus, who emerged from different places in the world and each has their own special powers and stereotypes.


The Astorians:
Generally stereotyped as impulsive and emotional, the Astorians are also organized and militaristic, always the first to deploy in the field to fight against the tyranny of Angels. They are known for creating impressive “living” armors that are able to consume enemies and feed their bearer by dissolving and absorbing enemies through the skin.


The Proteusians:
They rarely leave the First Ground where they emerged. Instead, they trade and sell through their Astorian brothers. Proteusians are known to come in all size and shapes, with particularly freaky appearances. They are, on the other hand, very friendly, resourceful and charismatic. Good businessmen and politicians, they created and cloned the best mounts and many accessories that they sell to the other kinds and to other species.


The Heytorians:
The least monstrous of the Diabolics, Heytorians generally look just like people with glowing eyes wearing hoodies to protect themselves from Angel light. They have been pushed out of the Third Ground from which they emerged, which was frozen over by Angels. Since then, they spread out in small numbers to live across the world with other life forms in peace, as much as they can. They are sedentary, maintaining modest communities and teaching ancient knowledge to neighboring civilisations. Heytorians are tolerant, disciplined and persistent. Forced by Angels to go at war, they have perfected anti-Angels weaponry in the form of the deadliest and most accurate bows.


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