Characters and Lore Section Finally Translated to French!

That took me long enough!!
It’s finally happened with the help of Titbz and Marianne who assisted me in translating this massive amount of text. Thank you to them!

You can now find this section under “Univers et Personnages” on the FR website of the comic!

En Français

Il m’en aura fallu du temps mais ça y est! La section Characters and Lore est enfin traduite et mise à jour sur le site francophone de la BD. Vous pouvez la trouvez intitulée “Univers et Personnages”.

Marianne et Titbz m’ont grandement assistée à la rédaction de cette traduction massive. Un grand merci à eux.

Coming Up On Kickstarter

I’m only a few days away from launching the comic on Kickstarter to get it printed into a 310+ page full-color graphic novel. I’m restless.

The Kickstarter launches Sept 13th!!

There are a few days left to sign-up on the early Kickstarter invite:

This grants you with a PDF of the finished Prologue, concept arts, a wallpaper set and my digital painting brushes. It’s gone after launch.

Here is the trailer video!