New Kickstarter Launching Soon!

Hello there on this mostly archival/update record type of blog for AP!

I will be launching my second Kickstarter this month on March 29th!

This will be the Artist Edition of the first volume of Angels Power: The existing printed Volume I available in limited stocks with a new print and a Kickstarter exclusive print!

I look forward to share more with you on launch day!

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Website Update

Website update from the 9/1/2018:

-A page for the Store has been added for US book orders :

This page is the same for English and French sides of the website because the book is only available in English. Information is available in both languages on that same page.

-Added a “order the book” button leading to that page from the intro page (which you can access by clicking on the logo on any page.

-Description under the comic has been updated to reflect availability of the book.

-The order banner under the description has been updated and now links to the store page.

-Similar changes are reflected on the French website.

-The TopWebComic banner has been updated.

Website Update EN 1/3/2018

A voluminous update today for the English website: The List of Characters has been replaced with 4 new web pages with a complete introduction to each population, their powers, past and present situation followed with a complete list of characters that have been met or mentioned so far.

It’s intended as a better guide to the story and its context.
The link from this blog to these pages has been updated and leads to the “World” overview.

As of now, it hasn’t been updated to French yet. It’s a real big chunk of writing to translate and I don’t know how I’m going to do that.

Some screen shots:

Website Update 12/5/2017

A little maintenance work on the website was done today so make sure to CTRL+F5 the page to see the changes.

At the time of this post, it’s not been applied to the FR version of the website.


List of changes and cosmetic improvements:

  • The menu was modified to include a link to pre-orders and replace “about the comic” link to “blog” (which links here).
  • The arrows were redrawn to appear more clean.
  • The bar section under the pages was cleaned up with the binge-reading newsletter icon, the TWC voting icon and a clearer Patreon icon.
  • The “For New Readers” section was updated to reflect current events.
  • A pre-orders button was added below with an image.
  • A “networking” section was added with the full collection of our small social media icons.
  • The text headers are no longer in bold.

Website Update

The website was tightened up today in both English and French. It can still be improved by a professional but for now this is as far as I can go with my own coding abilities.
Ideally I would like to hire someone to optimize the site at some point. For now this is what’s changed:

Webdesign Updates:
-The menu bar was improved.
-The French landing page was improved.
-A “For New Readers” section was added.
-The TopWebComics button was given more visibility.
-The Newsletter Subscribe button was added to the reading page.
-The website fonts were updated.
-The banners were updated to reflect the upcoming Kickstarter (and will continue to be updated).

The chapter covers on the FR site cannot be adjusted. It won’t let me. I don’t know why and haven’t found an explanation yet but I’m looking.

Content Updates:
Over 23 pages have been touched up, with text adjusted or corrected and 4 pages were completely redrawn, here listed:

Chapter 3 – Page 14
Chapter 3 – Page 15
Chapter 3 – Page 57
 Chapter 3 – Page 60 

Run Cycle Animation

The Lady of Astor from Chapter 1, animated in a quick run cycle. This is replacing the current “coming up” animation when you get to the end of the currently published pages and hit “next”.
I used Muybridge‘s photographs to base this horse on. His work is very interesting for animation, albeit old.

It’s a painted remake of this pixel animation I made of the same character last year: