Website Update

The website was tightened up today in both English and French. It can still be improved by a professional but for now this is as far as I can go with my own coding abilities.
Ideally I would like to hire someone to optimize the site at some point. For now this is what’s changed:

Webdesign Updates:
-The menu bar was improved.
-The French landing page was improved.
-A “For New Readers” section was added.
-The TopWebComics button was given more visibility.
-The Newsletter Subscribe button was added to the reading page.
-The website fonts were updated.
-The banners were updated to reflect the upcoming Kickstarter (and will continue to be updated).

The chapter covers on the FR site cannot be adjusted. It won’t let me. I don’t know why and haven’t found an explanation yet but I’m looking.

Content Updates:
Over 23 pages have been touched up, with text adjusted or corrected and 4 pages were completely redrawn, here listed:

Chapter 3 – Page 14
Chapter 3 – Page 15
Chapter 3 – Page 57
 Chapter 3 РPage 60 

Coming Up On Kickstarter

I’m only a few days away from launching the comic on Kickstarter to get it printed into a 310+ page full-color graphic novel. I’m restless.

The Kickstarter launches Sept 13th!!

There are a few days left to sign-up on the early Kickstarter invite:

This grants you with a PDF of the finished Prologue, concept arts, a wallpaper set and my digital painting brushes. It’s gone after launch.

Here is the trailer video!