Kickstarter Campaign Funded!

The Volume I : Artist Edition campaign has ended today and been over funded! Amazing. A big thank you to everyone who backed and shared that project!

Backers will be receiving four different prints for the occasion: One limited exclusive print of the Graïnne and three non-exclusive prints. All signed and all of which I am printing for the first time so that’s very exciting.



New Kickstarter Launching Soon!

Hello there on this mostly archival/update record type of blog for AP!

I will be launching my second Kickstarter this month on March 29th!

This will be the Artist Edition of the first volume of Angels Power: The existing printed Volume I available in limited stocks with a new print and a Kickstarter exclusive print!

I look forward to share more with you on launch day!

Follow me on Kickstarter for campaign notification:


Website Update

Website update from the 9/1/2018:

-A page for the Store has been added for US book orders :

This page is the same for English and French sides of the website because the book is only available in English. Information is available in both languages on that same page.

-Added a “order the book” button leading to that page from the intro page (which you can access by clicking on the logo on any page.

-Description under the comic has been updated to reflect availability of the book.

-The order banner under the description has been updated and now links to the store page.

-Similar changes are reflected on the French website.

-The TopWebComic banner has been updated.

Characters and Lore Section Finally Translated to French!

That took me long enough!!
It’s finally happened with the help of Titbz and Marianne who assisted me in translating this massive amount of text. Thank you to them!

You can now find this section under “Univers et Personnages” on the FR website of the comic!

En Français

Il m’en aura fallu du temps mais ça y est! La section Characters and Lore est enfin traduite et mise à jour sur le site francophone de la BD. Vous pouvez la trouvez intitulée “Univers et Personnages”.

Marianne et Titbz m’ont grandement assistée à la rédaction de cette traduction massive. Un grand merci à eux.

Website Update EN 1/3/2018

A voluminous update today for the English website: The List of Characters has been replaced with 4 new web pages with a complete introduction to each population, their powers, past and present situation followed with a complete list of characters that have been met or mentioned so far.

It’s intended as a better guide to the story and its context.
The link from this blog to these pages has been updated and leads to the “World” overview.

As of now, it hasn’t been updated to French yet. It’s a real big chunk of writing to translate and I don’t know how I’m going to do that.

Some screen shots: